Towards the end of my 8th grade year, all the 8th graders had a counselor come to one of the classes and while they were there they gave us a piece of paper to sign when we got home. The next day after we had gotten the paper they had sent some seniors to our class and gave us reasons on why we should go to their school.

While I was thinking about what school I wanted to go to I was thinking on the choices I had. It seemed a little stressful because I wanted to go to a school that gave me and my little sister a good education. Also I wanted to enjoy me years at that high school and not have to worry if somebody wants to start a fight with me just for fun.

So when I went home I gave my mom the piece of paper so she could fill it out and my mom and I went through it together and she asked me what school I would like to go to and I said I would to go to Foothill. The reason why was because I wanted a good education because I would like to succeed throughout my life but at the same time I wanted to be my friends and have a fun time instead of not knowing anybody and going through the whole year with little friends.

So the next day I really didn’t do any research other than ask some of my friends what school they were going to. Most of them said that they were going to Ventura or Buena (most of them said they didn’t want to go to Foothill because it was a nerd school). Only a couple of my friends said they were going to Foothill. Then when I came home I saw my mom on the computer looking at the Foothill website and she said that she thought that Foothill would be good for me and I thought to myself that what kind of education I would get here and not at any of the other schools.

So when mom filled out the papers I was really happy because my mom had signed me up for Foothill. Then I found out that I had to enter into a raffle. I was also happy because I got to be with my best friend Kaylarose. Then a couple of weeks before school ended I got a letter saying that I was accepted into Foothill and I was very happy. So now I’m here at foothill making new friend and having here at Foothill.