I love it, hi my name is Chris and I have always wanted to go to foothill high school since I came to California. I made the choice to come here because I want the best education I can get so that one day when I graduate I can go to a high leveled school like Harvard.

The decision to come here was the easiest decision I have ever made, the only thing that was really difficult was getting in. now if you don't really understand what I'm trying to say that's OK because I’m going to back up a little bit first and go over how I did it and why I even wanted to. Well in the beginning I said I have always wanted to come here since I came to California, so when the time came in eighth grade I immediately applied. I discussed everything over with my group home staff, my CASA worker and my mom. So after all of that my CASA worker offered to take me to the open house night. After that if I wasn’t already convinced well than they had me hook-lined and sinker, the only problem was that they said I might not be able to qualify for it because I live in Camarillo. I was devastated because it has always been my goal to go here so instead of just lying down on the ground and taking it; I got up and did something about it. I talked to my CASA worker, my social worker and even the person who reads your applications on what I should do and sure enough it worked. They looked around it and said I could qualify to go to this school because I am in the foster care system. Now it was just a waiting game to receive an envelope saying that I was accepted. Sure enough, it came. When I got home from school one day, it was there. I was so nervous about what it said, but when I opened it I was ecstatic. The next week when I had a visit with my Mom, I told her, my CASA worker and my friends. They were all happy for me and I was happy, too.

In the beginning of school, I was nervous, yet not as nervous as my first day of middle school. I first went to orientation the week before school started and met my fire mentors and fire class. I had a fun time with my fire class because we played so many fun and silly games while making new friends. After all of that I went to the rest of my classes and had a laid back kind of day. I had also met up with some of my old friends from not just middle school but from elementary school as well. Huh, who would have thought of that? Now for my first day of school, I had no homework (except for Biology). But most importantly I had a great time.

Alright now let's move on to the present; I have made a ton of new friends, while still having a handful of old friends. I’m feeling amazing being here at FTHS. While at the same time, I am always hungry and tired. My classes here at FTHS are Algebra with Braitman, Biology with Dustman, Geography with Farris, English with Geib, P.E. With Unchango, EDA with Carr and Spanish with Leaf. Now as for homework, I usually have none except for the truckload that I get in Biology and If someone asked me if I feel comfortable here at FTHS, I'd say “Yes! I'm in my pajamas, aren't I?”