When I was in the eighth grade I had to make a choice about witch high school to attend. I had no idea witch one I should pick. Buena, Ventura, or Foothill. I decided to fill out a form for Foothill and see if I got in, then I would make a decision about witch high school I would go to. Then, I had to find out more about Foothill to see if I wanted to go there.
I could have gone to Foothill, when I got in, or my boundary school. My boundary school was either Buena or Ventura since I live in two different houses. I had a lot of choices. Buena, Ventura, or Foothill. Then, I just needed to pick one.
My cousin went to Foothill so he told me about the school. It sounded like a really good school. I looked at the Foothill website and in my AVID class we went on a tour of foothill. Looking at all of those things helped me to decide whether or not I wanted to go to Foothill.
After I found out I got into Foothill I had to decide if I wanted to go there. I talked to my parents about it and although they wanted me to go to Foothill they said the choice was really up to me. My head and my heart bolth told me to go to Foothill.
Before I made my decision I thought about what my choices were. Then, found out some more about Foothill and whether or not I wanted to go there. That is how I finally made my decision to come to Foothill.