Not even in 8th grade yet and I was already faced with the decision of what high school I wanted to go to. I really wanted to go to Ventura High School, but my dad pretty much forced me to go to Foothill. I knew I wouldn’t win that argument, so I gave up and came to Foothill. I’m actually somewhat glad I came to Foothill. (:
Before I came to the decision to go to Foothill, I had my mind set on going to Ventura High, mostly because I knew I wouldn’t get that high school experience at FTHS…pretty bunk.
With my decision being Foothill, what more to do then look into it, right? My older sisters’ friends who had attended Foothill said it was a super great school and the way they described it made it sound really fun. I also looked into the school website and read basically everything. I learned that it was a fascinating school! :D I had heard that there was an upcoming tour of the school, but I didn't attend because i figured if I've come this far in my decision, I wouldn't end up liking the school if i actually toured it.
My head told me to follow through and go to VHS and who cares if my dad's angry, but my heart told me that Foothill would be a waaay better choice because I'd get a better education and my really good friends were going there, so i followed my heart.
Well, before I came to Foothill, I didn't even know what it was, but now that I'm here, it was the best decision I've ever made ! :D
Actually no, it wasn't, but whatever, I still like this school.