It was the end of the summer going into the 8th grade. So many emotions and thoughts going through my head. One of my main questions was what high school will I be attending? Yes I know I had a whole year to think it threw but if I wanted to get into a good school that I wanted to go to then I had to get on it right away.
I had so many choices to choose from. Buena, Ventura or foothill tech. I knew high school was going to be here before I know it but how to choose between a high school that can give me an excellent education and a high school were my best friend went. My mom wanted my to go to foothill but I had other plans since my best friend was going to Buena I thought that was the place for me but my mom kept on reminding me that high school if for getting a education not for hanging out with friends. It was head vs. heart.
I have many friends that had gone or was attending foothill. I researched a lot and asked every one about the school and I did the same for Buena as well. I heard a lot of great things about foothill and it looked pretty promising.
It was finally the end of middle school. Looking forward to high school but also very nervous. I had to sit down with my mom and talk a couple times. She made a couple suggestions and comments but she was clear on were she wanted me to go and I agreed with her. So into the foothill raffle I went.
It was close to the end of summer and we got a letter in the mail. I was so anxious to see if I had gotten in. I opened the letter and I got in! My mom and I were so happy and in fact a couple people I knew of from middle school were also going to foothill technology high school. But for know ive been going to foothill for about 5 weeks now and im loving every minute of it. It can be challenging at times but it’s all worth it in the end and I can’t wait to spend the next 4 years here.