Coming to foothill was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make.

I still don’t like the thought of it but oh well I’m here aren’t I? To be honest, I kinda tried out to get in as a joke but little did I know that I could actually get accepted. When I first heard about Foothill, I wasn’t interested at all. Nothing about it caught my attention because all I thought of it was that its a tiny little nerd school, but then one day I heard a bunch of my friends talking about it, especially my good ones. Then it caught my eye. After finding out that I started to look in to it and took it more seriously and even shadowed my friend Kenzie to see what the atmosphere is like. I remember first stepping foot on the campus on my shadow day. I got trampled with hugs because a bunch of my friends from the class above me go here, it was so great to see them after so long. It got me thinking that if I went here that I would get to see more often. Then I met up with Kenzie and followed her around being introduced to so many knew people, teachers, and staff. They all were very welcoming that actually made me consider applying, little did I know what were the odds of me actually being accepted into the school.
Well, as you can see I did get accepted. I wasn’t too happy when my dad came home with a huge packet and letter that said, “Congratulations, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Foothill’s Technology High School class of 2013” on it, but I wasn’t entirely disappointed. I was conflicted into how I felt about getting in. I didn’t know whether to be sad or mad, or even happy. All I could think was that I had to make a decision where I wanted to go and about my future. Throughout it all I discussed many nights about it to myself and then my dad. Im so happy that he wasn’t forcing me to do anything because he knew that my original plan was just to go to Ventura like my sister did. I’d be the first in the family ever to attend a technology school which kind of made me feel good on the inside. Question was, did I want to go to Foothill over Ventura? It was definitely a hard decisions to face because I knew that in the end with whatever choice I made I would end up loosing some big amount of friends. The one saying I say and live off is that everything happens for a reason, and hey there has to be a reason why I got into foothill right? So I decided to go with my gut and go for it. It was hard cutting it my friends but they got used to the idea.
Sooner or later orientations were around the corner and up came Foothills. Im not going to be the one to lie because I was already having second thoughts about going to Foothill again because sports had just started and I play them for Ventura so I here everyone talking about how exciting the new year will be knowing,” oh wait! “ I wont get to spend it with you. But anyways, on the day of orientation I stepped out of the car and starting walking towards the campus, I looked around at everything, said, “ mmmm I’m not feeling this “ and turned around after my dads car but he had already started driving so I chased after him only for him to lock the car, roll down the window, take a picture, then drive away laughing. So I decide just to suck it up and go through with orientation. After semi making it through the day, I was a little put at ease at the thought that in a week I would be attending the school but I still didn’t like it. Ugh, and on Tuesday the 20th, death came upon us. Waking up that morning all I could think of was ,”if the sun isn’t even up, why am I ?” The whole waking up early and attempting to look decent for school routine was yet to sink in but I ran out the door so I wouldn’t be late. I wasn’t nervous at all because the fact that this school is smaller than my middle school, I think I could handle it. Going through the morning trying to find my classes, asking people for help was actually kind of fun considering everyone there is so nice and bubbly. I think my favorite part of that day was going to my fire class and learning that I could so easily annoy my fire leaders so much, especially Dee. Till this day I still annoy him, but that’s ok because I know its going to be a fun year. After the day of school was over I had one class that was left to go to and that was sports at Ventura. Once I get there I easily can spot where my friends were making me feel more sad that I don’t get to be with them, but once I stepped out of the bus I saw everyone and it was so great to see them all ! Ending out the day I realized that it wasn’t so bad at all.
Foothill for me now I think has been pretty good and can do many good things to me. I feel like my future will be bright and that Ill actually get into college because Ill admit I’m not the brightest person, but I could be. My classes and teachers are great, everything and everyone has been so welcoming and open with arms. I’ve met a lot of knew faces, seen a bunch of old ones, even the ones I haven’t seen in forever. So far everything is great and feeling normal. I still don’t like the school that’s one thing that hasn’t changed but its alright, I’m getting used to it. I haven’t transferred yet but there’s always that possibility that I could at anytime, but for right now I’m ok and I am semi content with my decision to come to Foothill.