Choosing to go to Foothill wasn’t difficult at all for me. I know most of my friends were at Foothill, but that won’t stop me from accomplishing my long term goal: to become one of the lead producers of games for Sega of America. Suggestions from my mom were given to me that I should enter in the raffle so I could get a chance of getting into Foothill High. I didn’t know about Foothill at all, and this was how I heard the details. I was told that it was a college prep school, and that it was in the top 1% of schools in California, or at least that’s what I heard, and since my dad heard the conversation, Rico ended up being here with me at Foothill, which was mostly not his idea of where he wanted to go, but how I pictured going to Foothill, was a closer step to Sega.

Orientation. It was nice and a little uncomfortable at first, since I kind of got the attention of what it felt like a million parents through the Tunnel of Love, and through there was the opening to the start of orientation. First there was some shoulder massages, handshakes, then to FIRE. There were a few games about teamwork and other things, and treats, and it was all good. We’ve met the teachers, and later their teacher assistants. In details with the teachers, I thought they had good morality, and are very cheerful, which brung up a little bit more comfort, since the Tunnel of Love kind of made me lose some. Now for the actual beginning of the year. I’m thinking, “Wow, look at all these tall people…”, As if I were comparing them to giants, or in more of a better term, adults…well, some looked like adults. With full grown beards and long legs, I felt like I was in 6th grade again. Break and lunch were great, and my first few days at Foothill went really well. I knew it was the right choice for me, getting me as close as I can to my goal as a game artist and producer.

Foothill for me now is really great. There are clubs such as the Gamers Club and Anime Club, which are both great clubs. The gamers meet every Wednesday to see what game we’ll play on our next meeting, which is Friday, and meeting up with these gamers give me a chance to socialize and also do what I like the most, and that is gaming, then there is Anime club, where we just socialize and watch Anime. One of my goals is to keep all A’s, and that goal is almost though, knowing that I have all A’s and just one B, Just ONE. I’m still working to bring it up to where I want it, and in two more assignments, it will be back with all the rest of the A’s. And I’ve met some people too, which I feel really good about. The Foothill Dragons welcomed me into this school, and I am happy I get to be one also. I am glad I am here, and I hope everyone else is too.