1st semester of eighth grade was coming to an end and it was time for me to make a decision of where I wanted to attend high school. Most of my middle school years I had initially thought I was going to go to Buena because all of my friends were going there and because most of my family had gone there. Then came the idea of Foothill. We went and checked it all out and everything ended working out, and here I am today. Though Foothill is known as the “nerd school”, it is a great school an I’m happy I decided to go here.
Before high school I really had never thought about going to Foothill, in fact, I didn’t even really know what or where Foothill was. As decision time came around I looked at all of my options and that’s when I looked into going to Foothill. Before, I had done a little research and looked at the school website and googled it, but that didnt tell me too much about the school. Then came the orientation. Before that I was almost sure I was going to Buena, but then and there I pretty much decided Foothill was the school for me. My parents and I were so impressed with the school overall that there wasn't a doubt in my mind that I wouldn't go to Foothill. When I got the acceptance letter I was happy and excited for the next 4 years of my life.
Before I chose Foothill my "heart" was definatly telling me to go to Buena. All my friends and family went and were going there and it just always kind-of seemed like I should and would go there. I had always known that Foothill was a good school, but Buena just felt right. But my "head" was really telling me that Foothill was a great school in academics and if I wanted to get into a good college it would be the better decision. After a while of thinking, the decisions from my head pulled through and I decided Foothill was a better choice.
My overall decision to come to Foothill was pretty easy, like I said, after orientation and the tour, the decision was pretty much made. When I looked at where I want to be in 4 years clearly Foothill would bring me to the higher standard and that is why I chose to come to Foothill.
Overall I am having a great time at foothill and making new friends. Coming here was a fantastic decision and I don't regret a thing about it!