I already knew my future high school when I was in the 7th grade; it was no surprise when I was told the news. Because my older sister Paris got in, it was destined for me to attend Foothill too. I didn't mind the fact I was coming here because I knew it would tremendously benefit my education in the long run. Now I am here at Foothill ready to take on these challenging and exciting next four years.

As mentioned earlier, there wasn't a long, complicated process in me coming to Foothill. Knowing my sister went here it was an automatic, “You’re going here too" type of thing with no questions asked. Although, my mind was not exactly thinking about my high school years in the eighth grade, I wasn't 100% sure that Foothill was the place for me. I didn't fight with my parents when they told me I would be attending Foothill because honestly I didn't want to go to Buena. My sister Paris discussed everything that happened at Foothill and half of that stuff was the most random/weird things I've ever heard, but anything and everything happens at Foothill right? Things you most likely would never experience at Buena or Ventura. She told me about the campus and how great the faculty was and I could tell she really enjoyed coming here each and every day. My mind and heart were telling me this was the place for me, but it felt as if something was pulling me back, making me a bit hesitant. I knew I would have a great time if I came here so I was willing to take that chance and come to Foothill, paving a stepping stone in my life of the many great successes I would encounter here at Foothill.

When orientation day came, it finally hit me that in a couple of days I would be a freshman in high school, here at Foothill, for the next four years of my life. Orientation was super different than I had ever experienced in my life. It wasn't your typical lecture; it was more games and participation activities, which I felt were fun and amusing. Coming from a small private school I had been attending from kindergarten through eighth grade, I was ready to take the step into a much bigger school than before. Not having religion class each morning and getting used to the different teachers was the most difficult changes for me. It was also hard not seeing the people I had been in elementary and middle school with because I had known the majority of them for eight whole years. I wasn't too scared knowing that I had a good majority of my closest friends here with me and I was excited to finally get the opportunity to come to a new, much larger school. Finding all my classes wasn't too hard for me, although all of the pods look almost, if not exactly the same. My FIRE mentors were also super helpful and kind in helping me with any questions or concerns I had regarding the school. Overall, I made a fairly easy adjustment from middle school into high school.

Currently attending Foothill High School, I feel much more comfortable with the atmosphere than I did on the first couple days of school. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like or what friends I would associate with if I went to Buena. Although I was looking forward to that “high school experience,” I am glad with the decision my parents and I made. It was really shocking to see some of my old friends who I hadn't seen in a couple years and there are also many new friends I have made here at Foothill. The majority of the teachers here want all of their students to succeed academically and have a bright future ahead of them. They also do anything and everything they can so that their students stay focused and on track. There isn't as much homework as I expected, but there is still some. Getting to have FIRE during the day has really helped me get the majority of my homework done, which really helps especially with sports and extracurricular activities. In conclusion, the transformation from middle school to high school has been a good change for me and I am happy with the outcome so far.

I have been attending Foothill High School for about six weeks and I am doing very well. The teachers and campus are spectacular, rarely having any trash on the ground. Although some people make fun of those who attend FTHS, I am proud to be able to walk onto this campus each day and glad I came to here to make the most of my time at Foothill the best I've ever had.