At the end of my 8th grade year I hardly had a hard decision to make. I could either go to Buena or Foothill and I knew I wanted to go to Foothill. I wanted to go to Foothill because I went to the tour thing at the end of 8th grade and it seemed cool. Foothill was also good for college stuff so thats good too. I also hated middle school and wanted to get away from everyone. Most of my friends were going to Ventura anyways, so might as well start over since I wouldn’t be able to go to Ventura. My mom didn't care at all so luckily the choice was up to me.

Summer quickly ended and it was time to go to school, but first was orientation. For some reason, I was more nervous about orientation than I was for the first day of school which was annoying. The beginning of orientation was really fun because I was with friends but then we went to our fire groups and it wasn’t that fun anymore. But after the whole thing was over, I realized I was nervous for nothing and everyone was actually nice and not that weird.

So far my time at Foothill has been great and I know I made the right choice. I like most of my teachers and I don’t think I would’ve been as happy if I went to Buena. Even though I get a really obnoxious amount of homework I think my time at Foothill will be great.