At the end of eighth grade, i knew exactly where i wanted to spend my next four years of high school at and that was foothill. I remember being so excited to send my application to foothill. My mom told me that it was a great school. my dad didn’t care about what school i went to. Well in the end it didn’t matter where i wanted to go i was there or another but not Ventura.

In the orientation foothill looked exciting and fun. when i was with my fire mentors the funniest one was the bird man (nick). the first day of school was nervous. when i talk to my friends they tell me that it was normal but i always give them funny stuff that happened that day. All in all foothill is a good school with funny teachers (mr.geib) and good education.

Now in foothill everything is getting normal and less scary than it was in the first day. the homework is a fair amount to finish in 2 nights to do it. the here are teacher are funny but they help you when you need it. i have no regrets for coming to foothill so far.

Finally foothill was one of my best choice i have made for education . Also what is cooler a cougar, bulldog, or dragon. To everyone who is reading this have a nice day. Also if its to small go cry to someone else because I don't care