Why did I choose to come to Foothill? In 8th grade I was struggling in choosing which High School I was to attend. My choices where: Buena, Ventura and Foothill. I sat down with my parents to talk about the situation sometime around the last three months of the 8th grade. My parents gave me one reason why I should not go to Buena and Ventura, and that reason was because they said there was gang activity in both schools and that that’s not something good for an educational environment. On the other hand, Foothill does not have gang activity like Buena or Ventura does. Then, my parents started talking about Foothill and how it’s much better because it’s a small school therefore, the teachers would know their students better and be closer to them. Also, Foothill students scored much higher test scores on their State tests than Buena and Ventura making Foothill a Top 20 School In California.
My head and heart told me to go Foothill. My head was telling me to go to Foothill because it was going to be good for my life and the future due to their outstanding teaching levels. My heart told me to go to Foothill because most of my friends were going to go to Foothill and I wouldn’t want to leave them behind.
At the end it really wasn’t a hard choice after all; it was an obvious answer that I was going to go to Foothill for the next 4 years of High School.