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When I was in middle school around 7th and 8th grade I didn't really care of what high school I will be attending next year. As long as I was with my friends I would be fine. I didn't care if I was going to Ventura high school or Buena high school as long as I was hanging out with my closes friends I didn't really care. I even remember that around the last three to four months of school left, before we graduated from De Anza middle school and went to high school, we all had decided to stay together and all of us will be attending Ventura high school. I was O.K. with that decision back then. Like I said I didn't really care what high school I would be attending to, but one thing is for sure I did care about my education and my plans for the future. And somehow I ended going to foothill high school instead of going to Buena or Ventura high school. I ended going to foothill High school all because of one simple comber session that I had with my AVID teacher Miss. Cook about what high school I had decided to go to attend next year. I told her I was going to go to Ventura High school with all of my other friends I had. Before I could say another word she stops me right there and told that I had good potential in me. That I should be wasting it in Ventura high school, Miss Cook told me that I deserve better than that. She told me reasons why not to go there. Like is a way too big high school. That high school had probably seven-thousand students or more attending in total. That the classes were also ridiculous huge. That teacher gave me more than one hundred reasons why I would hated it in Ventura. I than ask her which high school she would recommended me to go to. Which high school could benefit me the mot and help me with my learning and studding. She told me about Foothill. A small high school that had better teachers like Mr. Geib A.K.A. my English 9th teacher and will give me better chances on going to the high school of my choice. I than knew I had to attend to these high school. But I was about to make an extreme decision. I was about to choose between a better education and my friends. Actually it was pretty easy. I decided my education was more important than a couple of friends. Would I give friends for a better education, yes I will and I did. I told my teacher that I will be attending Foothill high school just to receive a better education and have a career, not a job, when I grow up. Although most of my friends got mad with my decision of choosing Foothill over Ventura I knew I had done the right decision and most of them won’t even talk to me know. But choosing to go to Foothill was the best decision I had taken. My parents didn't even know that Foothill existed and all of its benefits it had. Once I told them I wanted to attended to that high school we headed out to fill all of the paper work and when the letter arrive from foothill that will decide whether I will be assisting Foothill or not arrive I was scare. I was scare to not be accepted after all the excitement I had for attending Foothill. I didn't even wanted to open it so I gave it to my sister and the first thing she read from the paper said “Congratulations you been accepted to attend Foothill high school”. My sister was crying with joy when she read that I been accepted in the high school of my choice that I wanted to attend to. Been accepted in Foothill high school is the best thing that had ever happen to me.
The first day of school was the most nervous I ever been on my life. I’m not going to lie I was terrify. Going to a school with people four years older than me was kind of scary but at the end of the day it all went well. None of the seniors, Jr’s, or other students were been bully’s to anybody. They were even been racist to other students because of how they look or because of their religion no. they were been really cool. They were actually helping us find our classes and meet our teachers. And I was more nervous to meet my teachers. I tough there were going to be those mean teachers that are almost like dictators but no. I was way wrong; actually they were really cool and helpful a lot. And the fire crew is really cool too. Although I don’t have fire, I have AVID, we still have tutors that are really nice to help us with our homework and other stuff were having problems with. In conclusion It did started like a very exiting nervous day at first it ended been a normal day at the end and was happy on choosing to come to Foothill.
I been attending Foothill around five weeks already and soon they will be six. Yes I have to admit at first I was nervous on coming and just the fact of thinking how high school will be different from middle school scare me at first but now it fill normal. The teachers are really nice to me and are always willing to help me out whenever I need help. None of my teachers has jet yell at me or at one of my class mates. I did in fact get in trouble with one of my teachers but it was all a misunderstanding. You see I was looking done at my desk reading the assignments instructions we were all giving to and I was playing with my hands and the pencil I had under the desk but I was reading the assignments instructions we were giving. But the way the teacher look at me it looked like I was txt in my phone. She told me to give her my phone and reach for my back to get it. Then she notice that was not txt and felt bad for getting me in trouble and she actually told me that she was sorry. It ended up been really funny at the end getting me in trouble for nothing. Also some the classes like Biology and Geometry are really ruff and really hard to keep up with, but I try my best and I’m doing pretty well at school right now. I actually believe that I have more homework in does classes than in other classes. Although Foothill has been a really ruff school I am planning to graduate from it in the class of 2017

Coming to Foothill is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The school has a nice environment. The teachers are nice to me and won’t even get me in trouble. Even so my old friends were not cool with me coming to Foothill I don’t care about their opinions. Coming to Foothill is the best decision I've ever made.