I was torn between being with my friends and my parent’s wishes, when it was time to decide which high school I was going to. My parents wanted me to go to Foothill for a better education which is what I wanted as well. But my close friends were going to Ventura. I depended on being with my friends but I also depended on an education.

Near the end of 8th grade my parents and I started talking about high school. Immediately they wanted me to go to Foothill Tech instead of going to Ventura where all my closest friends were going. My friends were always there for me and they can never be replaced. It was hard for me to even think about being apart from them in high school. Of course I shared my worries to my parents but it never made them think twice about their decision. All they wanted was to give me the best education possible to get into a great college or university. But at the moment I didn't think about getting into a good college. I just wanted to be with my friends. I pleaded to my parents to let me go to Ventura so I can be to with my friends but there only reply was “Foothill is going to help you a lot more than Ventura can” or “You will make new friends”. But anyone who knows me knows that I don’t make friends easily. Soon my parents already applied me for Foothill. Since there way to make my parents change their mind I just decided to shut up and stop complaining about it. If Foothill was the school I had to spend my high school years, then I might as well make the most of it and be optimistic instead of dreading four years of my life. Plus if Foothill was going to get me into a good college, like so many people said, then I might as well take advantage of it.

At the beginning of the school year my perspective about Foothill and high school changed. I thought high school meant more work, boring classes, and lots of school drama. But Foothill seemed to be the total opposite. At orientation we were all greeted in a very warm and spirited way, and did some fun activities instead of sitting through a lecture all day like the other high schools did. The students were really nice and the teachers didn’t seem strict or mean. The first few days of school were really good as well. Our FIRE leaders are really nice and fun and block schedule makes it easier to do homework and study. The first few spirit days at Foothill totally changed the way I thought about high school. The spirit days were cheesy but fun and everyone was full of spirit, including the teacher, especially Ms. Pelfrey. I don’t know if all high schools have spirit days and fun after school activities or if it’s an “Only at Foothill” thing. After every passing day during the first two weeks of Foothill I became more attached to the school and became happy with the decision my parents made.

My opinion about Foothill now is completely different from what I thought about it before I applied. The extra-long classes are great for studying and learning a lot of new things without rushing unlike other schools. The teachers are also nice and the students at Foothill are fun and weird in a good way. I also have less homework than I thought I would have in high school and the homework that I do have is a lot easier than I expected. Not only that the school is great for learning, I also think it is a great place to have fun. The school is full of spirit and excitement.

Above all Foothill has a great atmosphere perfect for studying, having fun, and being yourself. I have no desire anymore to be part of Ventura High. I am happy being a Foothill student or what my friends call me, a “footy-footy”.