Who decided what high school I would go to? When eighth grade had started, started a time to think of what high school I wanted to go to. Would I go to Buena, St. Bonie, Ventura or Foothill Tech.? This had started a time for me to start thinking about what high school I wanted to go to.
It really started when the counselors from the different high schools came and told us we needs to start thinking about what high school we would like to go to. So I did, I knew I wouldn’t go to Ventura high because I want in that boundary, and not St. Bonie because I wanted to continue going to a public school. Then it came down to Buena High School and Foothill Technology High School. There was Buena because it was my boundary school and most of my friends would be going there, but it was a big school. I didn’t feel like going to a big school, because I didn’t want to be late to my classes. I also felt like a smaller school was for me. That’s when my heart really said FOOTHILL, because it’s a small school and I could get to my classes on time. Then I also felt that if I went to Foothill Tech. I would get a good education before I went to college. So by this point I felt really strong about going to Foothill Tech.
Since I knew my heart felt strong, I had to start think about going to Foothill Tech. I already knew it was a good school to go to. I also knew that staff at Foothill Tech. would help you anytime you needed it, especially during FIRE. When I heard about FIRE, I had thought this would be an excellent time to go ahead work and ask my teachers for help. That was when I used my logic and decided that it would just be for the best if I tried to get into Foothill Tech. High School. Many people said Foothill was a definitely a nerd school, but I knew in my head it wasn’t. I knew anyone could get in, whether you are a nerd or not. By, the middle of eighth grade I knew we had to start applying to the different high schools. That was when I knew for sure that I wanted to go to Foothill Technology High School.
Well, it wasn’t just all about what I felt like I had to get some peoples opinion on the school. We knew two different families that went to Foothill Technology High. I first went and kind of talked to Hannah Alday. We were at church and I asked her what she thought of the school. I also asked Hannah if she likes going to Foothill. She told me that she did and I knew there one opinion towards me going to Foothill Tech. I had also asked Christian and Kieran G