Towards the end of the summer in eighth grade, I got a call from Foothill saying that I was one of the people picked off the waiting list, meaning I got into the school. Right after I heard that my mind was already set that I was going to Ventura because that’s where all my friends were going, it’s closer to my house, I heard the teachers were really cool and funny, and Foothill had the nickname of being a “nerd school.” My dad’s always wanted me to go to Foothill so I could get a better education for myself. At first I didn’t want to, but now that I’m here I’m kind of glad in a way that my dad made me come here.
Once we got that call I had a big decision to make. In order for me to make my decision I needed to think of the pros and cons for each school. In the end, school wise Foothill was the best bet but for some reason I went with VHS anyways. At the last minute my dad decided that I was going to FTHS no matter what I said and no matter how much I tried to convince him that I really didn’t want to go to Foothill, that I wanted to be with all my friends at Ventura. So in the end I went to Foothill and for the most part im happy about it. :]
The process of making my decision was either going against what my heart was telling me or what my head was. The entire time my head was and still is telling me that Foothill is the right choice instead of Ventura. My head also told me that I needed to be at Foothill so I could get into a good college, get a good education, and that I needed to get away from my friends for a while so I could be on my own without having them to be my backbone and so I could meet new people. My heart has and always will be at Ventura High School, where all my friends are and that’s also where I’ll be next year.
After about a week I knew I was going to Foothill whether I wanted to or not because my dad already had the paperwork in the schools office. So the only thing left for me to do was just accept the fact that I didn’t get to go to the school of my choice until the end of the year. The last thing I needed to do before actually going to FTHS was to tell all my friends that we were going to have to split up and go to different schools for the first time in years.
So my final “decision” was to go to Foothill Technology High School instead of going to Ventura High School like most kids. Even though I didn’t have much of a choice of where I was going, I’m okay with it for now. But no matter how many friends I’ve made here, the teachers I actually like, or if some people aren’t happy with me going somewhere else, no matter what after my freshman year at FTHS I’m going to spend my last three years of high school with everyone who is waiting for me to finally reunite with them. :]