Ever since I was little I dreamed of being at Foothill High School. I know this sounds crazy but it’s true. My friend Joana went to Foothill and she influenced me into coming to Foothill. She told me how this school could make me a much successful person and how she enjoyed her four years in high school. After she gave me advice to me and my family she made me realize how great Foothill can be. Once eight grade came I knew I had to make a decision. My counselor such as my teachers thought it would be best for me to attend to Foothill, but all my friends wanted me to go to Ventura. I wanted to be part of that big school and get to stay with all my closes friends, but deep inside I new where I really wanted to attend.

I'm that really shy girl who doesn't really like to talk as much. But once I get to know me it's like I won't shut up. At first everything seemed really different I missed being in Mr. Dibble's classroom with all my closes friends. But then again I was so anxious to be part of high school and let middle school out of my mind. Missing all my friends and teachers I new that I had made the right decision of attending Foothill. Coming to orientation was the best thing, everything wasn't lame as we would say in middle school it was something that I remember and laugh. Because of the orientation I saw some people that I already new but lost communication with them. After we went to see our fire leaders they explained how our schedules would work. I was really confused with the room numbers I even remember asking why were there letters in front and they just stared at me and gave me a response. Feeling awkward at first because I didn't really no anyone I even thought about leaving Foothill but I didn't really want to attend to Ventura as well. So I had no other choice but to stay and give Foothill a try and give my best.

Meeting new people at this school and becoming friends with them made me stay. I love this school now and I am glad to be attending here. Trying my best and being prepared is one thing I want to get better at. Memorizing all my classes now has easy even thought I once got lost. Because of all the great advice my counselors gave me and my friend Joana is the reason why I attend this school.

I don't regret leaving all my friends behind and mostly because I just came to realize how hard it is to get to accepted at this school. Giving me an opportunity at Foothill has been great and I plan to make a really good use of it as well. This is how my conclusion came to be, hope I get to have a great student at Foothill.