Foothill why did I want to go to Foothill Technology High School? Half way through my eighth grade year the counselors Mrs. Lantrip Mr. Mr. Walden and Ms. Frias came into my AVID class and told us about the different high schools we could go to, right then and there I had a decision to make.
I had to make a decision there were only a few weeks left of school left and I needed to decide where I wanted to go to, was it right for me, what were the benefits, and why did I want to go there.
My heat told me to go to Ventura because all my friends go there, but my head told me to go to Foothill because it is a GREAT school and I could get a really good education. My head also told me to go to Ventura because it would be easier on my mom and dad because I only live like three blocks away from Ventura but I live four miles from Foothill. That is why I chose Foothill Technology High School because my education is more important to me than how close I live to the school or how many friends I have going there.
I did a little research on Foothill because I really didn’t know anything about the school except for where it was located. I didn’t have to do any research on Ventura because I got to shadow someone that goes there so I got most of my information from doing that. When my parents and I sat down to talk about the different schools we had a really long interesting talk about the pros and cons of going to Foothill one pro is that it is an amazing school and I could get a great education but the con was that we live so far away that it would be difficult getting me to school every day.
Those are just some of the many reasons I chose to go to Foothill Technology high School.