At the end of middle school we are all faced with a choice. A choice that could affect the rest of our lives. This is the choice of what high school u will be attending. Or for me I didn't get the choice. By the time I was 10 and my sister got into to foothill, and I would follow her if my mom had any say. If it was my choice I would be at Ventura with all my friends. To get the best education for me my family decided that foothill was the choice. With that great bioscience Academy program and with overall great teachers and the method of learning. Even though it wasn't my choice I am glad that I'm at foothill.

Without having a choice of going to the high school I wanted to. My mother filled out my application for foothill technology high school. When we got a phone call saying that I didn't turn in the right information at the right time I was immediately put on the waiting list. With the news of me getting on the waiting list I was so happy, I thought that I would be going to Ventura. I started planning my schedule for Ventura, what classes I wanted to be in. I planed to join the Ventura soccer team. Then with all the luck I have my mom got a call saying that I got accepted into foothill and I was off the waiting list. I still begged my mom to let me to go to Ventura with my friends. She rightfully said no and that I needed the right education and that I was going to foothill. So then I went to orientation and that's when I started to love foothill.

When it came to the first day school, I went to foothill technology high school instead of venture where I wanted to be. In the beginning of the school year I loved how I loved going to school. Even though I am still getting used high school. So far I am enjoying every part of it. With all the new experiences and the new faces it's a great experience. Overall I couldn't have started this school year any better, and I can't wait to continue the school year.

Foothill Technology high school for me now is great. I meat two new friends Sidney and Brigit, we do everything together, eat lunch together every day. But I also miss my friends at Ventura and I'm wish I could see them every day to. I still have regrets. I'm not going to Ventura. Plus not having my social high school life I dreamed about. Going to the big social games and having pep rallies and dances like homecoming and prom. Even though foothill wasn't my social high school dream, the educational aspects about foothill I love. Even though we get a lot of homework and it's hard. It continues to gain my knowledge and grow. I enjoy learning so much every day. Hopefully foothill will continue to grow on me every day.

Overall I'm glad I'm at foothill. I am glad that my mom forced me to go there. I am so happy. In many ways but foothill has helped me with finding who I am and who I want to be. I met so many amazing people had so many great experiences already. I can't wait to spend all four years of my high school career here.