Alejandra V.’s FTHS Decision

Eighth grade year was soon to an end, so I had to choose what high school I wanted to go to. It was difficult between Ventura and Foothill? I liked both schools but I wanted to go to a smaller high school, so I decided to go to Foothill and so far I like. Basically I decided to come to Foothill on my own.

The decision was set for me I said I’m going to FTHS. But I still had to discuss it with my parents and they said that whatever I choose they would respect my opinion. I had already filled and turned in the application, I waited a while to get it back. While I was waiting for the letter to arrive I was thinking should I go to this school, I said that because one of my close friends didn’t get accepted. But when I got the letter and I saw that I got accepted my heart was sure that I wanted to go to this high school and get a good education and get in to a great University. When I called my friends to see if they got accepted I found out that most of them didn’t. I told my AVID teacher she was really happy for me she said that Foothill was a great school. So then Foothill was my decision.

So the beginning of the school year was good. When I went to the orientation my friends and I thought it was funny and fun. My FIRE Mentors are Sandra, CJ, and Hannah. Finding classes was hard at the beginning of the year. I would get confused with Mr. Geib’s class and M. Perfectos class. For example when I had to go to Mr. Geib’s class I would go to Mr. Perfectos. But that was just the beginning of the school year.

Foothill for me is a fun school and I feel more comfortable compared to the beginning of the school year. I know all my teachers and they are all very nice to me and help me on things I need help on. They also answer all my questions. Finding my classes is a bit easier now. I know where all my classes are and I am happy about it because I don’t get lost anymore. I made some new friends and I’m not going to list them all. But some are Jessica, Eloise, Adriana, Emma and Iva. FYI Emma and Iva are twins.

In conclusion this was my decision to come to this school and I am proud of it. Thanks for your attention.