At the end of eighth grade I had my mind set on going to Foothill High, my friends however had tried to sway me on going to Ventura. The reason I wanted to go to Foothill in the first place is because my brother was attending and he said it was amazing. I tried it out and I am glad I came to Foothill High school.

I didn't really have a choice on which high school I wanted to go to, Foothill was an obvious answer because of my brother. Everyone in my family wanted me to attend Foothill, and I didn't argue because I knew it was the best for my education. At the end of eighth grade year everyone was telling me that they were going to Ventura or Buena. Sure I wanted to go to the same school as them but I knew I would make new friends at Foothill. In addition, I already had some friends coming to Foothill so I already knew I wasn't going to be by all by myself. I asked one of my trusted teachers about his input on Foothill High and he said it was going to be tough but rewarding in the long run. My family would try to kill me if I went to Ventura anyway.

The beginning of the school year was pretty weird, and different. When I came here for school I wasn't nervous at all because I already knew some people that were attending Foothill. Orientation was a little odd but it was different and entertaining in a way. I thought finding my classes would be pretty hard but, it didn't really take a lot of effort to find my classes.

Foothill for me now is going pretty well, I don’t have any regrets on coming here. I have met new people and some of them have already become my closest friends. I really like the size of Foothill, there aren't a lot of people here, I like it this way because I hate large amounts of random people walking around. Honestly, I thought I would have more homework at Foothill, but it’s really not that much. The teachers here, like Mr. Geib, are interesting, energetic, and easy going, well at least my teachers are. I also like the block schedule that goes on here at Foothill, from Tuesday through Friday it’s easier for me and less overwhelming. Overall, I am pretty glad I came here to Foothill.

As mentioned before, I am glad I came here to Foothill. From interesting teachers, to challenges in school, and of course friends, Foothill has been a magnificent experience. I hope to have this same experience for the years upcoming.